Ming Ge


New way to live or no way to escape?

The new user-friendly technology of identity in airport security

Ming Ge


Design, Identity Security, Technology, User-friendly, Accessible.

With the help of future identity management, people might have a much more efficient and easier way to live. In the meantime criminals would have no place to escape because of the identity Network.

Back ground:

Airport security often makes people feel nervous because of various reasons. It might because you are not quite sure about what items you couldn’t bring along. Maybe you worry about your privacy maybe personal belonging. You might worry about where is the gate if you will late for the plane because you are waiting in a long queue. As for parents they might concern their little baby when they pass through the security door.

What it might do?

Find a new way to identify your ID. It might be some kind of self-security or automatic check-door. And in the same time there might be some little device very easy to bring along could show you where is the gate, where your family members and when will the plane take off. Or travel just makes you so tired.

Meantime base on the identity network, criminals could be recognized. The network connects police, communities, internet. It could be more beneficial and efficient to our society’s safety and stability.

What makes it different from other technology?

Warm design, User friendly, Easy to access

High technology usually makes people feel cool and not so easy to access, for instance, the airport security, passengers have to go through such as fingerprint scan, retinal scan and so on, and sometimes it takes a long time, those comprehensive factors may make passengers’ feel stressful or uncomfortable. People-oriented’ s design might help to deal with this problem.

How to support it to work?

Edge technology to be based on

Literature review to know about the same research or designs have been done

Talk with experts to back up my concept

Who I might work with?

Technological experts

Airport security



What problems I might meet?

Ethics risks ( Privacy)

Special terms

Lots of reading


Picture: http://www.aspieweb.net/autism-tsa-airport-security/

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Name: Ming Ge

Nationality: Chinese

Bachelor Degree: Jiangnan University, Industrial Design

Master Degree: University of Dundee, Master Of Design

Hobby: Travel, Photography, Cooking


Blog: http://minggemingge.wordpress.com/


5 Responses to Ming Ge

  1. jhzkim says:

    Hi Ming
    your subject is quite interesting for modern society. but I am wondering how much technology is commercialized and people can now feel advantage and disadvantage of the technology.

  2. jimlsls says:

    Hi Ming, your topic is so interesting which reminds me a movie of Tom Cruise, Minority Report. You can have a look when you got time, it will certainly help. Hopefully we can have this high technology in the near future which gives us a safe life.

  3. Hi Ming,

    The question at the start is great, i like how your setting a context but leavng the project open. However i think if you can back this up with a sub-heading to explain the title more and offer more direction. This allows readers to understand the project area from the start. Also a wee fact, quote or statistic near the start could help to emphasize that this is a growing topic and an issue to the public/users.

    I worked on a similar topic last year and as you stated ethics will play a big role in your project. You seem to have grasped that but id suggest taping into as many view points as you can so you can choose the right direction for you. I might be able to piont you to a few people to help you address ethics.

    The content and questions are fantastic, they help show the project starting point as a whole. It’s punchy and easier to understand (atleast for me). I think you can expand it a tad more and make it more like news article, which tells the reader what each point means and how it relates to the questions.

    You have all the wonderful content there, you just need to move it all around. Great work.

  4. Dan Shen says:

    Hi Ming,
    It will be very useful and humanity if your project comes true. Identity is so close to our life and keep our information safe, but sometimes it is not safe enough and easy to log in our accounts. So the Id theft can have place to survive. This web site is about the Id theft (http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft/), I hope it might be help you.

  5. Becca says:

    Hi Ming,
    This is a really interesting area of study to look at. Airports are notoriously stressful environments, and the stress is compounded by the need to identify yourself and your belongings at every turn. Methods that allow individuals easier passage but keep safety as a paramount are of the utmost importance.
    Your layout is clear and identifies your overall area of study and research. Your methods and bibliography are very thorough and explained well.
    It would be beneficial I think to possibly give a second statement after your title and initial question, which could tell the reader where within this field you will focus your studies, as this seems to be quite a subject that contains many possibilities.
    Have you considered doing a sweep survey within the university from amongst students and staff to find out opinions and thoughts regarding airports and identity travel? there are many people who travel world wide so you might get some really interesting data. Just a thought.
    Great job, and really intriguing subject.

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