Jun (Hyeop) Kim

Jewellery to Protect

Patients with laryngeal cancer may have to have their voice boxes removed and as a result have a “hole” in their throat (called a laryngectomy stoma). It is important that dirt, liquids and dust do not enter the stoma and that the new “airway” is kept reasonably moist (as the new airway does the job of the nose and mouth in moistening and “cleaning” the air that enters the lungs on its way down, and preventing liquid from going down the wrong way). The NHS supplies “bibs” for laryngectomy patients to wear over their stoma, and most people are encouraged to wear a stoma button (see picture of Maggie on attached link) over their stoma.

Laryngeal cancer is small percentage of all cancers, so there are few markets to choose products to disguise the stoma. Patients use scarves, ‘bibs’ and cravats, which become problematic in hot weather. Jewellery designers have begun to address this problem: on my masters project, I am working  with Mary Wells PhD, RGN, Senior Lecturer in Cancer Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Dundee to develop more interesting, usable and inexpensive stoma “covers” drawing on my background in jewellery and silversmithing.


Stoma, laryngeal cancer, jewellery, laryngectomee, cover



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Heat moisture exchange filter (HME) care


Jun Hyeop Kim,

Jewellery and Metal designer

I majored in jewellery design and also graduated from Hong Ik University for master degree in Korea. I think the most important thing for the designer is to be open to new ways of looking at the world



6 Responses to Jun (Hyeop) Kim

  1. Ashley says:

    Hey Jun,

    This project will be perfect for you and your background. Knowing how skilled you are – this will be a really valuable piece of design and research.

    What comes to mind is one thing – is the age of the people similar who have these operations – would this effect their stylistic choices for example? I would happily discuss further with you as I am interested in this.

    Apart from that, brilliant.

  2. Ming Ge says:

    Hi, Jun
    I think this topic mignt be quite chanllenge.But it will be excisting. I just concern than, what kind of psychology might change to those patients before and after the treatment? for example, whether they have sort of confiednt issue or not, if they have in some degree, could we use jewellery design to rebuild it.(i am not quiet sure) not simply cover the stoma, could stoma it self be a jewelly and maybe could help to rebuild confidence. Maybe other needs should be deals with, as well after your research.
    Ming Ge

  3. Angela Tulloch says:

    Hi Jun
    This sounds really exciting. I think Ming’s point is really interesting, can it be more than just jewellery? have another purpose? build confidence?
    Your statement gets your project quite clearly with good examples, I just have a couple of questions you might want to think about…
    What research methods do you intend to use? and how do you design this type of jewellery for male and female use?
    It will be a challenge and I’m really excited to see how you get on!

  4. jimlsls says:

    Hi Jun, what a challenging topic you have chosen! I do love it through, I have learnt something new. I am quite interested in how those patients can build up their confidence after the operation? and what kind of service they will get after the surgery? A few more examples will be great!

  5. Dan Shen says:

    Hi Jun,
    I think you can handle this project very well, it matches to your background. The problem is good and what I want to suggest you is to write more about your purpose and what you will do for the project like the research methods and add a specific picture to summarize your project.
    If you need help for free to discuss with me!

  6. Becca says:

    Hi Jun,
    What a fantastic project for you to tackle! The effects of this kind of surgery on people can be very hard, and can leave them with not only the stoma but also emotional scars. Have you considered whether you will conduct patient studies within this project? Like Dan suggested It may help you to write down a plan of action for how you will tackle this, and if I can help at all just ask. There are also many cancer specialists and support networks within Dundee, you could possibly speak with some of the staff in these facilities, We have a Maggie’s Centre up at Ninewells Hospital. They may offer you some extra insights, There is also the Macmillan nurses and Marie Curie Cancer Care. You may get some interesting information from them. Good luck with the project

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