Jie Chen

Bridging The Gaps

Could bridging the gaps between generations create new opportunities for improving wellbeing?

-The background

As the survey of European Communities organization that about 5 million old age in EU with certain risk factors for health and well-being such as the loss of social support from families and friends and the emergence of physical. Policy makers are invited to provide measures to promote mental health and well being among older people receiving care in both community and institutional settings. In another aspect, as the surveys of NIDCD, some mental problems like autism are common in 8-10 years old children. To avoid or treat this, the specialist suggested that parents and other family members should become part of the child’s daily life. The education writer David Soble has identified seven “play motifs” to prove the intimate relationship between children and nature. Besides, the old people can not take good care of their grandchildren when they take the exercise because the facility for old people and children are separated.

-The current situation in Dundee

I did the observation in the Baxter Park in Dundee and interview some of the local residents. The Baxter Park has two large park which are a huge lawn and a ground with some facilities for children. The majority of older people were playing with the dog on the lawn and children were more likely to clime the play frame by themselves. Some older people told me that they feel lonely and miss their grandson sometimes. But they cannot play together because the older people afraid of the high frame and their no other activities can gather them. The children told me that their parents always too busy to play with them in the park. Their grandparents have spare time but they are not interested in the children’s game. Therefore, the children feel lonely as well.

-What I intend to do?

I intend to build an outdoor environment and use my ideas to gather this two groups and improve their wellbeing as well.

Project aims

Strengthen communication between elderly people and children through outdoor play and exercise.

Potential outcomes

Transforming the Baxter park to put the two groups together through the method like put the elderly people fitness equipments and children play facilities together, educated activities and story telling club, etc. And of course, the landscape elements will be well-designed in creative ways to attract their interesting and promote their communication.

Key words:

Old people



Fitness equipments


Landscape elements



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Her name is Jie Chen and she come from China. Her major is Landscape Architecture Design. She began to learn landscape design in 2006 and this five years courses like architectural design and urban plan exposed her to the landscape architecture and gave her the practical experience in design as well.

She likes design and innovation things because it’s really an exciting thing to use her design ideas to make people’s life more comfortable and convenient. During her study, she recognized that it was very important to open eyes and practice creative thinking for design, so she intended to enhance her design skills and achieve a new higher level at the landscape design industry in Scotland. Besides, she believe that Landscape Architecture have great prospects and will be improving people’s life in a broad range.


6 Responses to Jie Chen

  1. Hey Jie

    This is very interesting and a good area to design in.

    It’s good that you’ve found a specif user group ‘old man’ just be cautious what labels you use for them.

    I would avoid using phrases like “I think…”. For example you said “I think we should put more attention to this two group”, whereas if you said “There should be more attention to these two groups” it would sound confident, assertive and forthright.

    Other than that Brilliant!

  2. Ashley says:

    Hey Jie,

    I found this a really topical and interesting area to research in. I would suggest you contact groups who have done other intergenerational projects in the local area, and ask them what they have found in their investigations. Pick up ideas from other sectors.

    This will be a really valuable piece of work.


  3. Ming Ge says:

    Hi, Jie
    Nice topic. I believe you could get a deep understanding of british lifestyle through this project.
    Because we come from a different culture background, more local culture custom might need to be concerned. Or you could get a compare with it in China, find the difference, and cobine some advantages from the difference. It might be interesting. Hope it helps.

  4. Paul says:

    Hi, Jie
    Nice topic. I believe you could get a deep understanding of british lifestyle through this project.
    Because we come from a different culture background, more local culture custom might need to be concerned. Or you could get a compare with it in China, find the difference, and cobine some advantages from the difference. It might be interesting. Hope it helps.


  5. dilucywang says:

    Hi, Jie
    Very interesting topic with research value. I would suggest you to get a big picture of the lifestyle here firstly so that you can understand why some people prefer indoor exercising instead of exercising outside here. Since you will deal with the outdoor exercise facilities, the weather might be a chanllenge for your project as well as mine.You might co-design with the users , the city council expert and the expert from exercising facility design area. So, it is kind of a multidiciplinary design project but I think you can work very well.

  6. Hi Jie,

    It’s a really nice topic and a huge issue over here at the moment. In terms of the subject, I’d say look in to groups which target each age group. to see what things they do and DON’T do. If i remember Lochee (in Dundee) has a few youth and eldery schemes to ge tthem active.

    The question at the start is really nice, It draws the reader into the topic. Just make sure you point out how you are going to answer or tackle it.

    Steph’s mentions a lot of the points I noticed. Be careful with the terms, “old man” is too specific and can be taken as offensive, something like senior citizens is usually preffered. WHat id advice is look up the newspapers they always have artiles on this issue and will offer more informetion on the terms used in the media. Also as Steph says, you need to try and inroduce “I think” more, just so the reader knows these statements are your views on the topic rather than facts. However these show you already ahve direction on the topic which is great.

    The only key thng id say is this would be made more punchy and really hit home if you could get a fact, statistic or quote in there to back up the problem. But it’s a really good start and im sure if you tackle it like the “recreation” project you get great nfo out of the users and public.

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