Di Wang

Why the sense of geographic community here is not apparent? What could help to enhance the community spirit and built strong geographic communities ?
As a Chinese student arriving in Dundee, I found the sense of geographic or locational community is not as apparent as in China. In China, people living in the same area get together in the outdoor space on a regular basis, conducting a series of favorable activities, like doing physical exercises, chatting with a couple of friends and playing chess or cards etc, which shows a strong sense of geographic community. Whereas, When I live in Dundee, I do not see evidences of community outside. It seems a commonplace here that there is not any interaction among neighborhood, even without knowing who the neighbour is.
Therefore, the project is looking at why that is the case. Are their communities behind close door or if there is a different way people organized themselves socializing. I might look things happen in China which might try in Dundee in order to enhance residents’ community spirit and build stronger geographic communities here.
For achieving this, a series of design research and work will be carried out. I will explore the concept of community and what makes a strong community etc to see the big picture of this project based on desk research. Conducting field trip to different geographic communities to find out the real picture. I will also co-work with stakeholders who are residents , community workers and experts from city council so that I get valuable information for coming up with creative design thinking.


5 Responses to Di Wang

  1. Hey Di.

    Some great observational work, although I think you need to have a bit more evidence. I think you just need someone else to say these statements, as right now it reads a bit too personal. Try writing it in the third person (i.e Third Person: The narrator is speaking of someone else’s experiences). For this you will probably need some quotations.

    Your own experience is very interesting but remember to have it balanced with someone else’s who comes from Dundee.

    You sound very enthusiastic and involved in your project 🙂

  2. Angela Tulloch says:

    Hi Di,
    The topic of ‘community’ is massive and has endless amounts of literature so research will involve a lot of reading so you can get the full picture, I did my dissertation on this topic!
    Here are some useful sources for you:
    Delanty, G. (2003) Community
    Morris, A. and Morton, G. (1998) Locality, Community and Nation
    Rykwert, J. (2000) The Seduction of Place

    Your observations of a lack of geological community may be true but think you need some information from another source that supports your idea. Using quotes can be an effective way of doing this.
    If i remember correctly from our chat, this was a landscape design project? If so it may be worth mentioning in your statement as will give people more of an understanding of the type of project.

  3. Ming Ge says:

    Hi, Di
    I just think about the definition of community,it is quite common in china people who are living in a same area share more leisure time together. As you said the people here might not prefer doing this. There might be some reasons about different culture background or different way of live, or some other reasons. You might need to spend more time to defin the problem .

    And i think because you have the relative knowleday background, it gonna be perfect for you.

  4. jimlsls says:

    hi Di, i do agree with steph. I have been living in the UK for the last three years, i find that local people love going out, especially weekends. Maybe you should go out more often. although we do have different culture background, the people here are so nice, I am sure that you can find lots of interesting people in dundee just like other chinese.

  5. JieChen says:

    Hi, Di
    I am much agree with your intention about get people together to communicate with each other. In this period of time in Dundee, I find that the native are more prefer to stay with families instead of outdoor communicate with neighbour. But luckly, people are very kind and warm here and they are willing to help and communicate with others in some specific place like an indoor party. I suggest that first you should do the research in dundee`s community (outside the city center), secondly you should come up with an adaptive method to get people together outdoor. Good luck and we can communicate with each other.

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