For those of you interested in collaborative working, community building or needing something to give your CV that ‘zing’ – we have a number of roles and responsibilities which need be undertaken this semester in collaboration with classmates and staff. 

Studio Manager: Karen and Aish: To ensure studio is presented at a professional level at all times. This job requires regular checks of notices, wall space and shared areas. It includes drawing up rotas to ensure communal areas are kept clean. Gentle nudges to colleagues to ensure individual spaces look used and professional (ie up to date, and carefully  considered – creative chaos is okay – semester one work hanging off the wall is not.

Event Team: Richard + Chris +Fern
To plan, design and deliver dissemination event on Friday 15th August (tbc). As invitees will be very busy – a time and venue will need to be decided in the next two weeks and a ‘save the date’ invite sent out before the end of June.

Publication Production Team: Jiaru + Richard + Aish: To prototype and design and deliver final dissemination artefacts on time to a professional standard. Liaise with Marketing, technical staff and classmates.

Course Marketing & Web Updates: Keerthana + Stine+Maria+Fern :  ensure online presence (blogs, flickr,  facebook etc.) for Masters Programme and individual students is delivered on time to a professional standard. Liaise with Marketing and fellow masters students. Liase with Mhairi MacDonald in Marketing. 

DesignDundee twitter: Jenni

CRM (Customer Relations Manager): Autumn To collate information on ‘friends of the Master of Design’: people who have been key in your throughout the Programme and people who should be kept up to date with events and exhibitions. Collect and protect names and nature of relationship, e.mail, postal addresses, twitter, linkedin, facebook addesses of contacts.

Timetabler: Jenni + Hans To ensure google calendar is kept up to date, to subscribe all students and other relevant people, to instigate and co-ordinate doodle polls for tutorials, exhibition invigilation etc. and timetable the dissemination event.

Photography: Hans, Karen, Ringo: To produce great photos of work in progress, workshops, outputs etc to be used in newspaper and on social media

Internships/ Job Opportunities: Lorri + Moyra: to share opportunities for everyone via the Design for Services Facebook Page.  To gather questions and to identify and recruit one other participant for How do I get a job with a SD agency? event with Sarah Ronald from Nile on Friday 20th June – questions so far:  Live Work – ThF , Deborah Szbeko.

Tell us about your journey to where you are today?

What are the key attributes of your most successful junior staff?

How did you recognise this (application, interview etc)

What soft skills are you looking for in entry level hires?

What is a definite turnoff on an application/interview (within the realms of professional judgement)

What technical skills are you looking for?

Do you like to see online portfolios of work, and what are you looking for?




16 Responses to co-ordinators

  1. I guess I am taking on the additional role of ‘MDes Network Co-ordinator’? Or something of that effect?! The fancier the name the better I presume 😉

  2. I’d love exhibition co-ordinator – I’d be happy to share this role with someone…

  3. jon Gill says:

    I’ll go for ‘Events’ co-ordinator – I’d also be ‘more than happy’ to share this role…

  4. I’d also like to try/share the Event Co-ordinator job. I’ve been working at the Union for the past year as an ents/events intern so hopefully I could use some of the skills I have learnt from there.

  5. hellojon says:

    hello jongill co uk

  6. Ruth Watson says:

    I’d like to share on the Exhibition Co-ordinating.

  7. I’d love to be the Online Content Co-ordinator… also happy to share this role! Otherwise I’m, ahem, ‘content’ not to…


  8. jdwuhao says:

    Studio Co-ordinator

  9. Here is my contact links.

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