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Realisation and Communication DJ53001 13/14

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Download module guide as pdf  R+C module guide 2012/13


Realisation and Communication is a 60 credit module taken by students at the University of Dundee from the Master of Design Programme

Through a carefully planned and managed practical and/or written project, students will demonstrate their ability to realise a project to a Masters level. Evidence of appropriate methods and final outcomes will be presented in a form which communicates to both an internal and external audience and appropriate stakeholders.


At the end of this module successful students will have realised and communicated their masters project.
Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding
On completion of this module students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the links between exploration, experimentation and outcome

Demonstrate the ability:
to deliver a body of work by defined objectives
understand the audience and key stakeholders
understand their skills beyond that of subject specific techniques
be able to demonstrate appropriate technical design skills to realise their project/s to a masters standard

Transferable skills
Ability to undertake and deliver a self-directed design project
Project Planning
Communication with a range of audiences
Negotiating skills with users, stakeholders, technical staff, academic staff and peers

Modes of delivery, deliverables & student participation

You will undertake a Masters project under your own direction with tutorial input from Masters staff and up to five 30 minute sessions with personal study advisors. The project should have a professional online presence, which leaves a ‘legacy’ of your project. You will also prepare material to market your project to an external audience.

50 word bio, 200 word introduction to your project for an external audience, images, webpage/blog and a short video).

Assessment: Coursework 100%: 20 minute presentation

Other Deliverables

Weekly from 5/5/14  a short  ʻstatus updateʼ email every Monday to both your study advisor and Hazel in the following format:

E.mail Header:  Your Name Status Update
what you have done this week
what you intend doing next week
achievements, issues or problems encountered

Important dates

Mid June: Publicity Material as requested by Mhari MacDonald

30th June – 4th July Optional holiday week

1st August – hand in for written work

5th August – final articles for ‘newspaper’ to be submitted

4th August – deadline for mitigating circumstances

11th and 12th August – internal examinations – 20 minute presentation which addresses the criteria above

14th August – external examiner visit

22nd August – ‘Masters Mixer’ public engagement event and end of semester

Module Contacts

Your main point of contact is module leader Hazel White
Outside of scheduled classes Hazel is available by appointment. Hazel will be happy to discuss general day-to-day running of the module, advise on assessments and study plans, and deal with any specific problems you might be having.In the event of any illness M.Des students absences must be reported to  Tracey Drummond: (01382 385291) in the Postgraduate Office, on the first day of absence, and doctor’s certificates must be handed in to the PG Office as appropriate.

Students are reminded that they are obliged to read the university guidelines on academic dishonesty and plagiarism ( and observe them. If you have any doubts regarding any aspect of your project please contact the module leader at least 5 business days in advance of submitting any work.

© University Of Dundee 2011


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