Design for Business – masters newspaper

Design for Business

Using Service Design methods to unlock opportunities for creativity in small enterprises.

Coming from a Business Management background with research into how business networking could impact small enterprise; Alex’s masters research explores how the Service Design approach could benefit businesses especially small enterprises.

Economic conditions have been of great concern lately, influencing the future of many enterprises; especially small businesses, such as your local grocery shop or the bicycle store down the road.

Until now, Service Design has been recognised for its benefit to the community and the innovative approach that can bring to large organisations. But what value could Service Design approaches bring to small enterprises, which often have little financial means, or time, to explore new possibilities?

Thus, this project was devoted to practicing Service Design methods for the support of small enterprises, and promoting the importance a deeper understanding of customers. Although this can be achieved with many other available approaches, those used in Service Design are often more empathetic, interactive and creative; delivering a more insightful understanding of the experience that customers have before, during, and after their interaction with an enterprise.

This project has been achieved with the collaboration of start-up and small enterprises in Scotland, England and Cyprus. Alex decided to focus a major part of his project practicing those methods for small businesses and generating a deeper insight into what value Service Design can bring.

In the future Alex plans to set up his own business, practicing Service Design methods for the development of entrepreneurship in start- ups as well as small to medium businesses.


Linkedin: Alexandros Ioannou


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