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Communicating with Victims of Disaster

This project comes from the Centre for Human Anatomy and Identification at the University of Dundee. It looks at how we can aid/facilitate communication between families and organisations after a disaster.

After a disaster happens it is important to gather as much information about a missing person as possible from their family. In the UK this is currently done by a Police Family Liaison Officer who conducts interviews with a family and records the information on and Ante-Mortem form.

The project focuses on how creating a physical version of the form that works in tandem with the current process could make the interviewing procedure easier for everyone involved.

The toolkit is sectioned in the same way as the form and is laid out to make transferring information that the family provide to the Ante-Mortem form as simple as possible. The kit itself has visual aids that help families identify and understand exactly what information they need to provide. The visual aids are beneficial in many different ways. They act as memory triggers, help overcome communication problems and can act as a coping mechanism for a family to cover just a few benefits.

Future vision

The toolkit is currently a prototype however there is a lot of potential to expand and develop the kit further. The next step would be finding funding that would lead to a fully developed kit that can be tested out in the field with Police Family Liaison Officers and developed further based on their experiences. This would hopefully lead to the toolkit becoming a recognized piece of equipment within the Police force and Forensic Identification community.

Project question

It looks at how we can aid/facilitate communication between families and organisations after a disaster.

The University of Dundee is a registered Scottish Charity, No: SC015096


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