Flora Project Text for Newpaper

The Service Translation for Healthcare—Xinyue Zhang

Project Question: How can international students get access to health service quickly?

Xinyue Zhang’s master Project is the service translation for healthcare. The project is associated with Imprint research which is looking at public responses to identity technologies and services especially help individuals get access to services and organisations.

Currently increased numbers of international students study in the UK. They might encounter the cultural adaption especially for seeking health information. In the UK, it has a complicated health system , international students might not understand when they first come to the UK. One of a paper indicates that more than 60% of students do not know where and how can they get access to health services the lacked relevant information becomes an issue.

Xinyue started to do interviews and questionnaire in order to know tstudents’ experiences and problems during they were seeking healthcare. Xinyue also did project research with the staff from university health service who had more experience in health field .Xinyue did co-design workshop about the flow chart with the nurse from university health service and make sure she was in the right stage. After that she did prototype with students and understand the touch points about the service. For the next step, she will continue do final prototype with nurse and make the interface of the APP through computer.

The result would be a new service to help students gain effective health information, which is relate to them and guide them to get access to health service. The final outcome would be an APP with an introduction website and a short video for App introduction. In the future Xinyue will continue work and study in service design field and use different kinds of design methods to contribute to future tasks.


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