Digital technology and creative business – Chengchen‘s project

This project looks at how digital technologies help creative businesses as a part of the “Digital Technologies and Creative Enterprise Education” project, which is founded by Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Like everything else, the way people live and communicate has been transformed by the digital age, and the way of doing business is changed as well. From remote collaboration, project management, digital marketing to digital prototyping, digital technologies across a range of platforms provide valuable and cost effective means to improve work performance. While UK creative industries are characterized by high levels of self-employment, one in three creative graduates run their own business and work in a freelance capacity. Unlike well-established companies with deep pockets using digital tools, the project seeks to illustrate how creative SMEs use digital tools to facilitate their work.

Chengchen Zhang has found that although creative businesses believe utilizing digital technologies more effectively will increase their productivity, few of them have enough time and money to investigate on exploring digital tools. There exists a huge knowledge gap between existing resources and what developing businesses require.

The project outcome is a service which provides a diagnosis tool and stories collected from creative businesses all over the world regarding digital technologies. The stories cover project management tools such as Basecamp and Trello, digital marketing tool twitter, prototyping software; all collected from people such as jewelry designers, senior freelance graphic designer, product design startups and so on.

Several parties may benefit from this project: creative startups will have opportunities to increase their knowledge of possibilities and benefits of using digital technologies to improve their business performance by using this service, the creative graduates will have a training workshop run by Frances Brown, which will be designed based on the research findings as well as this platform and all the resources and stories will be made available for future use.

Highlighted;in the digital age, how can digital technologies help creative business.


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