Multiple Online Identity Management- Zoe Yin

Multiple Online Identity Management is Zoe (Churan) Yin’s Master Project of Design for Services, DJCAD, 2012-2013. This project is supported by IMPrints (Public responses to Identity Management practices and technologies), a three-year research project funded by Engineering and Physical Science Research Council. With the background of Industrial Design and Master of Design in China, Zoe aims on helping people better build and maintain their multiple identities online.

The Challenge

People build multiple online identities during interactions with separated online platforms and change their needs with time. The complexity of online life offers people benefits and frustrations at same time. To truly understand users’ values, behaviors and needs of multiple online identities in the complex social and technology context is crucial for generating a new service to help users better manage their identities online.

The Approach

Zoe started from learning the big context of identity management and relationships among different stakeholders in this area. She focused on working with end users and IMPrints team to understand people’s motivations and needs through various research methods and tools, such as identity management diaries, street interviews with interactive exercises, register experience workshops, online identity mapping exercises and storyboard co-design workshops. Based on all the meaningful data and insights Zoe collected, she generated the new service through quick and iterative prototype tests with people.

The Result

Zoe co-designed a whole service system which bases on a new platform with interfaces to enable people to check, track and operate their online personal information in a holistic way. This is a conceptual interaction design which is supported by extant technologies and security mechanisms. The service will help users better understand their online identities, have more control of personal data and make their online life simpler and easier.

Zoe Yin will continue the project research and finish her thesis in China for the last year of her postgraduate study back in Shanghai Jiao Tong University after graduation from University of Dundee.

Highlight quote:

Who I am and who I want to be in the cyberspace?


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