Important Info.

1. I will do another intro to the R+C module for those who missed it for 1.30 on Monday 10th June: Karen, Alina, Tereza, Claire A, Natalia and Chengchen

2. Individual tutorials from now until the end of the module – please sign up for one every two weeks

3. Bi-weekly update meetings – are on the calendar

4. If you are intending handing in a paper or a report for part of your submission, the deadline is Tuesday 6th August at 15.00 to enable us to read it before assessments.

5. Reminder that we have workshops on Tuesday and Thursday next week- Sam Tilson from Nile and Gillian Easson from Nesta will be joining us from 10.30 – 12.30 on Tuesday to answer questions about what employers look for in applicants, finding a job and setting up in business – could you all please post at least one question to the blog by 3pm on Monday. (the same e.mail as you sent your blog URLs)

The Leon Cruickshank workshop on Thursday is replaced by one on Service Blueprinting

6. Reem is sending a survey round to see what the appetite is for a dissemination event in August.

7. I will be on leave from 3rd – 22nd July.

8. It will all be okay. It always ends up alright in the end.


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