Preparatory work for the module Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th

The Module will be introduced on Wednesday 29th at 9.30.

1. Put together a very short video (1 minute)  summing up your project so far – what is your design brief and how will you disseminate it (is it a paper, a webpage etc) using some of the slides from your MDP presentations – can be a simple voice over like Tereza’s;  and also take a look at the videos in the Social Digital Degree show. Tereza used, but you can use any appropriate software.

2. Start a new final masters project Blog with the following pages.

Project Outputs – This should be the ‘landing’ page and have your short video on it. It will eventually have your final outcomes – this could be a paper, a report, an app, a webpage etc.

Background – the context of the project – this will be an update of the ‘challenge bank’ words and may have stakeholder maps with explanations etc.

Process – your research and development – some of this may be taken from your previous blog and will be added to throughout the semester, it will have prototypes, personas, user journeys and demonstrate all the methods you have/are using

Reflections – this will include what you have learned and may include your CV etc. and may link back to other module outputs and your pervious blog

Bio – about you + e.mail, twitter, linkedin etc

Timeline – This should be the ‘posts’ page and it will have your weekly ‘updates’ for Hazel and your study advisor and contain an updated, detailed project timeline – including all tutorials (get these in the diary now – your advisors will take holidays over June, July and August).

These map onto the assessment criteria of:  Process, Creative Output, Context and you should be able to use the material from this for your  final R+C presentation


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