Realisation & Communication Introduction

Today we began the final 60 credit module of the M.Des. We did the usual rules, regulations and assessment criteria followed by speed networking in the studio – one minute to explain your project to a stranger.  As it was basically an elevator pitch we finessed them in the elevators.

We developed ‘project profiles’ from the pitches – as a prototype for an NHS Scotland event which I am facilitating in Clydebank, Glasgow on June the 14th – and am looking for a graphic designer, a facilitator and a photographer.

The afternoon was spent thinking about the reference that could be written in August 2012 – using real references for five graduates as examples.

We brainstormed roles that are needed between now and August and asked for volunteers (you can put  these in your references and also put the role and your name in the comment box below)

Event co-ordinator
Blog Manager
Social Media Manager
Marketing and Print
Invite List
Exhibition co-ordinator

Semester 2 feedback – Tracey Drummond will e.mail you to let you know when you can collect MDP feedback and marks. Prototyping to follow.

Deliverables for Friday 01.06.12

1.Ethics forms (if you have not already done them) – e.mail to Hazel

2. Blog update (a killer image and project snapshot text – have it ready for when the blog manager is appointed.

3. Your own ideal reference. Get someone to check it before you send it to me.
Save it as : your_name_myidealreference.docx


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