Maggie Butchart Research Assistant


Maggie Butchart is part of a research evaluation team which analyses the effectiveness of projects concerned with the impact of health inequalities on communities/individuals in Dundee and Angus.  Maggie collaborates with local councils, healthcare professionals and the voluntary sector to determine the effectiveness of their program.

Research Projects

Maggie is currently working on five separate projects all concerned with differing aspects of health inequalities.

Equally Well Test Sites (2009)

There are eight national test sites sponsored by the Scottish Government as part of the implementation of Equally Well (Scottish Government, 2008). The test sites were formed to trial new ways of addressing health inequalities.  Maggie is involved with the evaluation of two of the test sites.


In Stobswell, a disadvantaged community in Dundee, the project aimed to test new ways of working, predominantly with public services, to tackle health inequalities and improve community mental wellbeing.

Rattray – Blairgowrie

The evaluation aim is to assess the impact of the Equally Well Test Site at a local level in order to determine how the extent to which the Test Site is facilitating and moving towards its goal of supporting service users with multiple and complex needs who live in the rural community of Rattray.

Projects for the British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is funding a number of projects in Dundee to promote healthy lifestyles. Maggie is part of the team contracted to evaluate these projects.

Workplace Health Coaching

The Workplace Health Coaching Programme aims to provide one-to-one support to help individuals achieve health related behaviour change. The evaluation assesses the outcomes of the Workplace Health Coaching Programme, including benefits to employees, service providers, organisations and the healthcare system.

Active Families

Active Families is a Keep Well programme aimed at reducing the incidence of obesity amongst adults and children in the most deprived communities in Dundee. The evaluation assesses the delivery and outcomes of the Active Families Programme, including benefits to families, service providers, organisations and the healthcare system.

Community based Cardiovascular Risk Clinics

The Cardiovascular Risk Clinic provides health checks for patients at risk of cardiovascular disease.  This is a nurse-led service delivered in the community to engage patients across primary and secondary care in Dundee. The evaluation reviews the delivery of this service to demonstrate which elements of the cardiovascular clinic are necessary for sustainability, and which components are essential for the successful roll out.

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