MDP and prototyping asessment May 7th and 8th

To progress to Masters, students marks for Semester 2 must average C3 or above across all modules.

In May you will give a presentation outlining your research and development using PowerPoint*. You can also bring key models etc. to the presentation. You should also make notes, drawings, models, research files, blogs and other relevant material produced in the module available in an easily accessible display in your studio space. The presentation and support work will be assessed for evidence of the criteria below:

Mindful Design Practice

1. Rationale and Context
understanding of research question and how the project fits into the world, who will benefit from it and who might fund it.

2. Methods
selection and use of research and design methods appropriate to the project

3. Development
ability to select appropriate design directions for further development

4. Project Management

demonstration through tutorial notes and project timelines) of ability to plan current and future project work to achievable and challenging level.


1. Have you demonstrated an understanding of the role and value of prototyping to problem solving context?

2. Have you appreciated the different roles of participants in the prototyping process and accommodate this in the application?

3. Can you recognise and articulate the change and transition from tactical to strategic prototyping?

4. Have you developed a range of hi and low fidelity prototypes that reflect different purposes and contexts?

5. Have you communicated your outcome and process effectively, reflected on the learning experience and demonstrated appropriate self-management and team working skills?

*or other format which is digitally archivable


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