work placement

We will have a 3rd year pupil from Harris Academy joining me for a work placement from Monday 30th April – Friday 4th May.

Can you use the comments box for your offers to give her a flavour of being at college for a couple of hours during the week. Suggestions might be:

Accompany me for 2 hours taking photographs at Baxter Park
A one hour tour of the college shop followed by lunch in the canteen
A tour of the textile department and an explanation of my project (2 hours)
Proof read my blog
Resizing images for my powerpoint presentation
One hour of Chinese/Korean lessons
Re-paint my board for me
Work the video and take photos of my workshop
Take interview notes for me when I interview one of my participants

Please put your name next to the suggestion, estimated duration and day (if it can’t be flexible)




About Hazel White

Director, Open Change
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2 Responses to work placement

  1. saranevay says:

    Hi Hazel,

    I can do the tour of the textiles dept and talk about projects.


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