Business and Enterprise Workshops with Mike Press

Business & Enterprise is a one and a half day intensive session that aims to provide your project and future career with an entrepreneurial edge.

How would you turn your MDes project into a viable business?

How would you raise the finance?

How do you plan for future success?

The programme kicks off this Thursday at 1.30 with a couple of lectures. Then we will conduct workshops using the Creative Enterprise Toolkit. This uses tried and tested methods for teaching enterprise skills to creative individuals who are thinking about setting up a business.

The toolkit has been used by hundreds of successful creative entrepreneurs around the world, from fashion designers, to freelance artists, to tech start-ups. They have used the resources, worksheets and case studies, to develop their good ideas, consider their personal motivations and aspirations for enterprise.

For these workshops we want you to view your Masters Project as a potential business. We want you to consider how it could be sustained and made viable as a platform for your future career.

In preparation for Thursday we expect that you visit

Download all four books. For Thursday please read books one and two. Do NOT do the exercises in the books – these we will do in the workshops. But read the first two books to familiarise yourself with the ground we will cover on Thursday afternoon.

As I say, this will be an intensive day and a half – so the more preparation you do in advance the better.


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