Mixer 1.0 Team

Starting to get responses for Masters Mixer 1.0 – which reminds me – we need a team:

1. MC + Tech  – Jon and Sharyn have done this brilliantly in the past – will you do the honours again?

2. Setting up coffee/tea and cakes – volunteers needed:

3.Cake baking – I’ll do some fabulous brownies, who can do cupcakes, muffins etc? (we’ll pay for ingredients)

Line ups for talks so far is looking like this (still waiting on some confirmations, and things may move around or double up):

Mixer 1.0 Saturday 27th

Linsey McIntosh

Jen Ballie (video)

Jon Gill

Sarah Griffiths

Daniella Hu

Ceara McCurdy (video)

Mixer 2.0 Friday 2nd:

Sharyn Farnan

Hao Wu

Maria and Ruth

Giorgio Giove

Lauren Currie

Jo Hodge

Mike Press


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One Response to Mixer 1.0 Team

  1. Ive done it before so Im not saying that they will be amazing but I am going to try my culinary skills at making cakes – of some sort.

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