Update Meeting 17.8.11

1. A mac laptop will be put in the computer room in the M.Des for you to upload your presentations for assessment. Please test a draft presentation before Thursday at 12.00 in case any further software has to be loaded. (I will not be able to arrange this after Thursday at 12.00) All final presentation must be on the laptop before 8.45 am on Monday 22nd August (even if your presentation is on Tuesday). The assessments will be held in lecture theatre 5013.

2. All students need to be available to see the the external examiner on Tuesday 30th August – she will speak to a sample of students, then speak to you all as a group. We will let you know who will be in the sample group on Thursday 25th August. This will be a conversation with the external examiner – you do not need to present – but we will have the laptop with your presentation loaded in case you want to refer to them.

3. Bios – print and cut – Sarah will set up a folder on one of the studio macs for you to put your final bios in – then she will print out and cut – can you ensure that there are crop marks on your files.

4. Facebook/twitter/linkedin – one project per day from blog – Lisa – could you undertake this?

3. Other boards for smaller posters etc – please use kappa board/ foamcore – ensuring the edges are cut perfectly using a sharp scalpel. You will be asked to re-do if the edges are rough/not straight. Sharyn and Bruno can advise as they did a good job of this for the Interim exhibition.

4. painting plinths – underway, painting end wall – underway

5. journey slides – Will co-ordinating – he will e.mail you and ask you to put slides on the Masters Flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/designdundee/

6. Masters Mixers – outline schedule underway

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One Response to Update Meeting 17.8.11

  1. Will there any students/family get together during the day/evening of Saturday the 3rd?



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