Update Meeting 28.7.11

1.Project Summaries and Bios

Hi All – these are examples from last year Exhibition bios– the first bit of text on each is an approx. 100 words that can be used both in the exhibition and on the web (and may even be echoed in your poster). The second 100 words says a bit about you and acknowledges people who have helped you (not advisors or M.Des staff – that’s what we get paid for). If you want it edited/proofed – send your words to be pasted into the body of an e.mail by 10.30 on Friday 28th.

2.Poster Boards/Bio Boards/Plinths and Plugs

Please make sure that Ruth has your requirements for plugs, imacs, etc by the end of today (you cannot use your own laptops for security reasons)

3. Jackie Malcolm: graphic design advice

Jackie Malcolm will be with us on Thursday 4th August 9.30 to 4.30 to advise on graphic design – can you please have an (at least) A3 version of your poster printed out an up in your exhibition space by 9.30 on Thursday 4th.

4. Invites

If you have not already done so – let Lisa have your names for invites by the end of today (28th)

5. Masters Show Events

I will post details of these separately and ask you to indicate whether you want to present at any of them

6. I was asked a lot on Wednesday – “have I done enough?” We can’t really tell what you’ve done until you present – but you can – by looking at the assessment criteria in the module guide and asking yourself  “what have I learned?”

7. M.Des Facebook Page – can I ask you all to ‘like’ the Facebook Page and put a link to your project here


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2 Responses to Update Meeting 28.7.11

  1. Invites done and sent to Mhairi on Monday-any last minute, emergency updates, contact Mhairi MacDonald directly.

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