Update Meeting and 1:1 tutorials

Thanks to all of you for the hard work and participation in prototyping your exhibitions – you are developing a real buzz as a group. It was great to have three ex-graduates, Jamie Shek, Jue Wang and Frances Brown join us alongside Leon Cruickshank from Imagination Lancaster and our two visiting Professors from Shanghai and Seoul join us for lunch and comments.

As I mentioned I will see you for 1:1 tutorials before I go on holiday (sign up on doodle here) and have a general update meeting at 9.30 on Monday 4th July.

Can you ensure that you are sending your Friday status updates to me, Fraser and your advisor, as otherwise you can start to lose track, and no-one will know….

Can you also e.mail me your completed ideal references before Monday. We’re also still looking for a few co-ordinators…


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Director, Open Change
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3 Responses to Update Meeting and 1:1 tutorials

  1. Hi Hazel, I have a meeting at 10am in Whitfield Community Centre on Monday, so won’t be able to attend the update meeting at 9.30. Will get notes from one of the students.

  2. Sorry-another comment. I think we all (all the DJCAD Master students) have an final masters assessment meeting with Jeanette on Wednesday the 29th from 12-1. Just to alert someone who may sign up for the 12.30-1.30 slot that day.

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