Update Monday 13.6.11

Today we began to scope out the exhibition space. Hazel and Fraser allocated spaces (indicated by post-its) these are negotiable.


1. Draw a plan of your space and post it in your blog as soon as possible. Everyone who was there today drew up a first draft plan of what they envisage their space looking like in August.

2. If you have one of the 1000 x 1120 mm MDF boards in your space in the studio – can you strip it down and put it on the trestle table at the front of the studio.

3. On level 5 mark on the wall in your space where you want your large board and bio board to go. Bio board should be at outside of large board and at least 300mm in from outside of space/concrete pillar and 50mm from large board. Sean and Ronnie the technicians will be installing these this week. If you dont want a board – just go with this just now, we can take them down later.



4. fail fast to suceed sooner. By Monday 20th June have a ‘first draft’ prototype of your exhibition set up in your space to be refined for Friday 25th.

Example:  Qi is intending to make her space ‘ike a ‘living room’ so she will move a sofa and coffee table up there by Monday and draw a TV on a piece of paper and put it on the wall to indicate the real TV she will use. She will hand draw the images that she intends to use to explain the background to her project and she will type up her bio and put it with a photo on the small 200 x 200 mm boards.

I am not in College again until Monday 20th – so use each other as sounding boards. Good luck and see you at 9.30 on 20th in the exhibition. Best Wishes, Hazel





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One Response to Update Monday 13.6.11

  1. Hello everyone-I won’t be in uni again until Monday as I am in London this week, and then Edinburgh on Friday (uni is shut on Saturday) so won’t have a space selected. Would someone mind popping my name up in a space if it hasn’t already been done?



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