the small society lab

Hi All – dates for your diary, Dr Jon Rogers and his Product Design Research Studio launch the Small Society Lab – get these dates in your diaries!

The small society lab is a research space to connect art, design and technology to Dundee through designed activity to explore Dundee’s future.

The small society lab, situated in the basement of the DCA, is open from 6th June to 31st July , from 9:00am 19:00pm. to explore and make use of community centred art, design and technology practice. Through workshops, designed activities, talks, walks and films we want to crowd-source the inhabitants and businesses of Dundee to explore ways to make small changes to the community we live in and to prototype potential for our digital futures. We aim to put on a mix of workshops to provide new ways for communities and businesses to imagine and enable the future of their city and the digital landscapes we also inhabit.

The lab is a pop-up space for the product design research studio at the University of Dundee, where we are exploring digital products for connecting communities. This summer we want to come out of the university and into the community. Through utilising the accessibility of the DCA and the VRC we hope to be able to work more with communities in Dundee to test theories, explore territories, prototype futures and simulate and stimulate futures with the people we share our city with.

Our Vision
The vision of the small society lab is to facilitate and enable creative connections to people and ideas.

Our Mission
We believe that artists, designers and technologists can help to navigate a changing world by working on common problems with the people of Dundee.

Our Values
We value that doing small things can change the world; that ideas are our what make us who we are. We value community ownership and individual access; that the world right now as being an incredibly exciting time to live in; but ultimately we want to respond to people.

Our Objectives
•    To connect people of Dundee to community based art, design and technology practice at the DCA and the University of Dundee.
•    To find new opportunities to rethink public services, the private lives, the business opportunities and the creative outputs for and of the people of Dundee.
•    To build sparks and connections between people to start new outlets for creativity in Dundee.
•    To find a space between the DCA and the University of Dundee where research and social innovation can emerge as a viable proposition for working in and for Dundee.
•    To support industry in Dundee in the generation of new ideas and new ways of working with people.


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  1. Heard about this through Laura Simpson a few days ago – sounds very interesting and really worthwhile attending some of the workshops.

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