Advice from last year’s graduates

via Gill Wildman of PlotLondon and Carnegie Mellon

• be ambitious.

• Look outwith the course for experiences and contacts.

• focus, and try things out.

• Dont fall in love with ideas. Take advice and manage your time. Oh! and when your making your show….make it a SHOW!

• 10 minutes to review your ideas with your peers is better than thinking over it for a whole hour

• Finding confidence in yourself, and in your work is the most important thing you can learn.

• Go outside to the world  to talk to people. It’s the best form to inform your project.

• enjoy the choice you have got, and dare to try!

• hard work, creative thinking, fun life!

• Try out stuff early. If it’s not quite right, but you still have plenty of time, great. However, if it’s wrong and you’re running out of time, it’s not much fun

• Be yourself, but be flexible.

• Take advantage of the skill sets of everyone in the class. Push yourself outside your comfort zone, it will be more rewarding in the end.

• There are times when things will seem slow, life will seem low. But don’t give up, just keep going. The key is to believe in the fact. Don’t work for appreciation or marks, just work hard and you will reap the benefits

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