Handmade: Portraits of emergent new community culture

Tessy Britton’s book Handmade and the accompanying site http://www.socialspaces.org/ has inspirational projects and fantastic tools for eveyone doong the module.

Tessy quotes her colleague, David Gauntlett, picking out the real key to thoughtful design: “Making the world your own, and making your mark on the world, rather than merely receiving a manufactured environment assembled by external others, is absolutely central to our health and our wellbeing, as individuals, as families and as society.”


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One Response to Handmade: Portraits of emergent new community culture

  1. A very useful link. I’m already familar with a few of the projects mentioned but this seems to tie them all together. Easy to navigate! The more I research the more I am surprised by the no. of projects/co-operatives that are transforming unused spaces to build creative communities and promote social inclusion. It’ s reassuring to know that there’s a network of people out there that have experience and can help in making my research project come to life.

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